An Illustrated Pride and Prejudice

Yesterday I was at our lIMG_9432ocal children’s bookstore picking up a book for my kids (the third in a series we love) when my eyes fastened on a bright, beautiful, bold cover. And on this cover, were words that are near and to dear to my heart and have been to many a reader for more than 200 years: Pride and Prejudice.

I ran over and picked it up and didn’t put it down again. Beautifully illustrated by Alice Pattullo, this edition also has all the letters that the characters write in the story, artfully written out, even Darcy’s super long letter where he reassures Lizzy that he isn’t renewing the addresses which were so disgusting to her. Beautiful colors, glorious scenes, and charming patterns adorn the pages.

My girls and I squealed, and then I ran towards the counter, clutching my prize. I know this tome will have a place on our family bookshelves for many years to come. And best of all, last night I found my daughter Lucy curled up on my bed, reading it! She had to pause now and then to ask what words like “caprice” and “scrupulous” meant, but she was chuckling out loud over some of Mrs. Bennet’s antics.

With it’s beautiful illustrations and playful visual style, this edition of Pride and Prejudice would be ideal to introduce young readers to the world of Jane Austen. Glorious!

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